Monday, February 8, 2010

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

So a few years back 'All the Boys Love Mandy Lane' was one of the movies being shown at the Flashback Weekend Horror Convention in Chicago. I didn't get a chance to see the movie then but was able to check out a copy recently. The movie is about this unpopular girls who gets super hot over a summer and now all guys in school want to get with her. So her only other friend is this unpopular guy who really likes her but she only sees him as a "friend"....don't you hate it when girls pull that card? Anyone? No? Also since when do chicks that get hot still hang out with ungly dudes? Oh yeah I remember one....Angela from Sleepaway Camp

Oh yeah I forgot she had a dong
and propensity to kill all the kids in camp

(pictured above is Angela's penis)

Ok so I have moved way off topic but the popular kids eventually invite Mandy Lane (much to her surprise and to the chagrin of her unpopular guy 'friend') to their cabin for the weekend (in hopes to bang her) but people start disappearing during the night and turning up dead. Also if people who you aren't really friends with invite you to their cabin for the weekend something bad is most certainly going to happen.

The movie is a teen slasher and honestly is pretty good. Its very well paced and the deaths are fairly realistic. Even the fat rich stoner kid seemed like someone I went to highschool with.

(Pictured Center: Stoner kid that
everyone went to high school with)

The ending even had a pretty cool twist that seemed scarily realistic seeing how teenagers are today. This movie was supposed to come out in 2006 but still has not even been distributed on a straight to DVD release. This movie doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel with teen slasher flicks but it does have a lot of original elements and deserves a release. Its certainly better then all of the other teen slasher crap that is coming out today.

Scare Factor:1/5

Total Score: 6 /10, like I said its nothing amazing but is a huge step in the right direction with teen slasher flicks, and has a decent soundtrack to boot.

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