Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Collector

Well I had been hearing tons of great reviews and buzz about this movie so I went to check it out (some months back, sorry but I have been busy). So as we get into the theatre and its fairly empty since its a pretty limited release without much advertisements. So my friend turns to me and says yeah isn't this the same guy that wrote saw 4, 5, and 6? FUCK ......well I should have done my homework on this one but oh well I was already here....and there was a buzz about this movie afterall. The movie begins with a pretty creepy opening that had a good startle/jump factor to it. After the strong opening the movie just gets worse. The opening credits make you think they were done by some college film student that was really into industrial music. It felt really out of place.

So the movie has a fairly basic plot, a guy who is working construction on this couples house decides to rob it one night so he could get money to save his wife from loan sharks. They probably could have gone into the whole wife being a degenerate gambler thing or why they have such a strained relationship (probably due to the excessive gambling) and why he wants to save his wife who hangs with loansharks, doesnt let him see his daughter, is pretty much an all around byatch to him. He must have had some lawyer at the custody hearing. Anyways they dont really explain much about the whole back story about them. So the wife or ex-wife....not sure if they are really divorced, needs a chunk of money by midnight or the loan sharks will kill her. So the main character Arkin then goes to rob the people's house he is doing construction on. They are out of town anyways so this should be easy right....not so much

So as Arkin gets to the house he can hear that someone else is in the house. So Arkin does some sleuthing and hides from the other person. He quickly discovers that the family is being held captive by some maniac and he is now locked in the house with them. Ok I wont even go into the fact that in the 3-4 hours since Arkin left the house the intruder has booby trapped the entire place and also has made it practically impossible to get out unless you have all 10 of the keys that will unlock the 10 padlocks on the door. This just seems like so much effor and not to mention tiring and expensive for the intruder. So the movie pretty much swan dives into the deep end of an empty pool around now. It becomes the typical cat and mouse game between the intruder and Arkin and with the intruder senslessly torturing the couple when there was a lull in the plot (and there is lots of them).

Now I am not a fan of the term 'torture porn' since its usually used by people who haven't even seen said movie that they are criticizing. However, if there ever was a movie deserving of the term 'torture porn' its this one. Anyways I digress, the movie has a pretty shitty ending to say the least (no spoilers....dont worry). This movie could have been really good if they just gave it some more though or gave the intruder/killer some sort of back story or motive for killing people in this fashion, but as I mentioned before this movie doesn't do a very good job of developing characters so why start now. I dont really know where the buzz for this movie is coming from but its extremely skip-able. Its one of those movies that really makes you feel dumb for thinking american horror movies are original or good. Not that there haven't been good american horror movies in recent years but for every good one there is about ten bad ones.

Scare Factor:1

Final Score 6/10

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