Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Sell The Dead

YES!! I saw this preview on apple itunes about 6 months back and thought this looked extremely promising. So I wikipedia'd it every now and then to keep tabs on it so I could check it out when it came to theatres. It ended up coming directly to on demand so needless to say I rented it ASAP. This movie is a big throwback to older 80's type horror movies that didn't take themselves too seriously and just had fun. It also gives quite a few nods to Re-Animator (which I love). They movie starts with Dominic Monaghan's character Arthur Blake sitting in jail waiting to be sentenced to death the next day and he is visited by Ron Perlman's character Father Duffy for questioning/last rights/all around comfort. Father Duffy says he is pretty into the occult and wants to talk to Arthur about his exploits as a grave robber.

The movie then breaks up into about 4 or 5 short stories involving Arthur and his grave robing mentor Willie Grimes. They encounter ghouls, doctors requiring cadavers, zombies and you know the usual sort of things that hang around graveyards at night. The movie keeps a good balance of humor and horror elements the entire time and while keeping the viewer pretty intrigued the whole time while adding a couple of good twists and turns in the story. Go and see this on demand or on dvd (whenever it gets released) if you are a fan of old school horror movies or new school horror doesn't really matter but just go and see this movie.

Scare Factor:1

Final Score: 8/10

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